How to Prepare Your Florida Pool for Winter

To close your pool for the Winter or keep it open, that is the question...

How you prepare your Florida pool for Winter depends on whether or not you’re going to close it completely. Winterizing your pool in Florida is a bit different than the winterizing process in Snowbelt states.

How-to-Prepare-Your-Florida-Pool-for-Winter-cover-mockup.pngYou may find that you prefer to adjust your maintenance rather than close the pool completely for the Winter. Following a few simple steps will help you maintain your pool so that it’s ready to use again in the Spring.

In our helpful guide, we walk you through the steps to prepare your pool for the Winter, including:

  • cleaning the pool
  • checking the chemical balance
  • ensuring the proper water level
  • running the pump
  • covering the pool
  • checking for leaks

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Wishing you a great Winter season!

- The Aquaman Team